Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dairy-free Pumpkin Ravioli


Ok, week 2 of Pumpkin. I decided that it deserved a second week since it's first week was fairly light in the entries. So, Monday, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and got to cooking again. Poor cleaning fairy roommate is sick so, I sent her to her room for some rest and Hulu, ack I'm going to have to be very clean! I found out my good friend Jacob from college had just moved to town and invited him over to be my taster/ guinea pig. Honestly, I made this second week just so that I would get a chance to try my hand at ravioli. And as you all know, I'm allergic to lactose so I had to do some digging in the ol' internet to find some dairy-free recipes. Landed on a few that used tofu instead of ricotta! Genius. So here goes....

wonton wrappers defrosted
Pumpkin in a can
firm tofu
Tofutti I can't believe it's not freakin cream cheese (at least I think that's the name.)
1 white onion
2 cloves of garlic
Fresh sage
all spice
Knorr pesto packet
Soy milk- unsweetened

Take 1/3 of your tofu and crumble up into a ricotta-like consistency. Add 2 tablespoons of the "cream cheese,"and 1 cup of pumpkin.

Add a pinch of cumin

An even bigger pinch of Allspice

Add the finely chopped onion, chopped garlic and finely chopped sage.

Add some salt and pepper to taste, mix it all up and you've got yourself some seriously yummy filling. Start some salted water boiling on the stove. When it reaches a rolling boil, lower the temperature and keep it at a low boil.

Start off with a floured cutting board. Lay out your wonton wrappers and place about a tablespoon of filling. Careful not to have too much filling or you could have a disaster on your hands with trying to keep that delish filling in the wrapper.

Take your top wrapper and wet the edges with water, this will be the glue that keeps the two together. I used a fork on the edges to ensure the seal was tight, plus it looks so dang purdy with the stripes.

Once your water is nice and at a low boil, drop in 4 ravioli at a time, if you have too many in the pot they will crowd and stick together into a big gloppy mess, we don't want to have a gloppy mess right? No crying in the kitchen tonight my fellow cooks!!

I started boiling my ravioli as I was making them to save time. I also set up a drying rack using my vegetable grill pan over a pot.

Take a look at those ravioli as they cook. The wonton wrapper starts to become translucent and the ravioli begin to look more like a jelly fish than pasta. They look darn right cute floating and dancing about in the water. Once the edges are looking pretty floppy and translucent I pulled them out using some whisk-tong things I have, but a slotted spoon works great as well.

So, fish out your jellyfish and place them on the drying rack.

Note: I put them into a mixing bowl as they cooled and drizzled olive oil over them. DISASTER. The dang jellyfish things stuck together like the Parent Trap twins! So, I suggest spraying a cookie sheet with PAM or something like that and laying them out in a single layer. Quit looking over here box of kleenex! This is a tear free kitchen.

Once I boiled all my ravioli I started my Knorr pesto sauce. SO EASY. Seriously simple. Open the packet. Whisk together with a cup and a half of soy milk, a tablespoon of vegan butter and cook to boil. Stir constantly and once boiling reduce heat to simmer. I added a tablespoon of Trader Joe's pesto that I had in the fridge to really amp up the pesto party.

I put all my ravioli in the sauce to coat and reheat. MISTAKE. I would maybe put your cookie sheet of ravioli in the oven for a minute to reheat. Plate and then pour the sauce over it. That way you can avoid the sloppy mess that I created on my plate. Jacob assured me that I was completely insane and that it all looked beautiful.

Garnish with a sprig of sage and dig in.

Despite the gloppy, jelly-fish looking plate, it was soooo dang delicious. Seriously I licked the sauce off the plate and went back to see if there was more ravioli left in the pot!


Gary said...

WOW that looks good. Glad you finally made them. Say no to gloppy messes!

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