Thursday, March 25, 2010

Searching for Local Food

Local Food

it's something I talk about constantly. After gabbing the heads off of my friends, family and coworkers about finding sustainable and ethical meats and veggies, I've had many requests for a post on finding stores and restaurants that don't make the little hippie sitting on your shoulder shudder. That's right. Finally you can roast a chicken or make bacon wrapped dates you can confidently serve your family while still keeping your commitment to living a better and greener life.

In my own journey to live more sustainably I've begun to eat closer to the source. That means I make a serious effort not to buy
blueberries from Peru or packaged meals that have 3 layers of cardboard and plastic. When I eat meat, which is not often, I buy meat from butchers that carry ethically and locally raised animals. Additionally, I check the labels of my vegetables and fruits to make sure they don't come from across the globe. Now I recognize that there are things that aren't local, my coconut milk and fun curry pastes from Thailand, the turmeric I buy from the Indian grocery store and the free-trade coffee in our pot. But every tomato and onion raised locally, every loaf of bread baked in your neighborhood helps. It's not only good for the environment but it supports your local economy. To help you find them I've compiled a few resources. To be connected just click on the logo.

EAT WELL GUIDE- a great search engine to find restaurants, grocery stores,
farmer's markets, co-ops and cafes.

ANIMAL WELFARE INSTITUTE- a non-profit dedicated to promoting welfare of farm animals. The AWA seal on foods ensures it has been raised with the highest welfare standards. Their site includes a search engine for finding approved meat a local vendors.

LOCAL HARVEST- find, local farmer's markets, local organic food, co-ops and CSA programs.

COMMUNITY ALLIANCE WITH FAMILY FARMERS - Find local vegetables, fruit and baked goods as well as Farm to School information.

BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL- information on joining a BFBL local chapter to connect your community with local growers and producers. Coordinated by Foodroutes Network, a non-profit based in Pennsylvania

EAT WILD- search for pasture based farms to find grass fed meat and dairy products.

The video below explains how Local Dirt, a search engine for locally grown and produced food.


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