Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Must See Show- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I just finished watching the premiere episode of ABC's Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and I must say that I nearly cried with Jamie when he gets frustrated with the local response. While I realize that Jamie is not the only one fighting to get America eating healthy real food, I wonder where the other Food Network chefs are on this issue. I sincerely hope that this show raises awareness amongst American families and upsets them to see what their children eat.

When he piles high all of the greasy brown food that a family he is helping eats in one week in an enormous mountain of processed fat it is truly upsetting. But you can't entirely fault the mother, who is moved to tears. Yes, she should know that deep frying donuts is unhealthy. But I can't help but think that if we went back to teaching real home ec people would know how to cook and what is in their food. Our education system is so focused on college acceptance and not real world skills like balancing your finances, sewing and planning your meals. As an unemployed university graduate, I can tell you right now that learning all of those are infinitely more useful than any Italian Film History or 19th Century Whaling Narrative classes.

I hope that you enjoy the show as much as I do and spread the word about changing what our kids are fed at school and at home.


Q said...

I couldn't get through the first 3 episodes because it was just too painful to watch. The things people put into kids' bodies...ugh. At least let them get to adulthood so that they can make their own choices.

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