Saturday, October 3, 2009

Full Moon Skillet- Grilled Cheese with tomato

Friday night the roomie and some friends of mine were all hanging on the porch drinking Pabst and slapping our knees to the beat of the records we were playing. Roomie was starving so I ran to the kitchen to whip up some late night chow. What's better at 3am than Grilled Cheese Sammies?


Whole Wheat Multi-grain bread
Enchilado cheese or whatever you have
roma tomatoes
Honey mustard
butter (you can leave this out since we are using the vegenaise, but at 3am I went whole hog)

Butter that pan.


Spread the vegenaise on the slices and put them on the skillet

Shave some enchilado and put the sliced tomatoes on each slice.


Then shave more cheese over. Squeeze a bit of the honey mustard over the top slices(vegenaise on the other side) and place on top. Grill to perfection.


Slice at an angle and serve to your adoring fans. Trust me if you serve these to your guests at 3 in the morning after a heavy spoon playing, knee slapping, pickle shaking session, your friends will adore you.



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