Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's that? Episode 5 already?!

That's right. Episode 5 is here!

Fresh from the presses, we bring to you Tapas! This week we tried our hand at dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), roasted red-pepper hummus, and bacon wrapped dates. Mmmmm we really stunk up the boys' loft this time.

I'll admit, I've never really liked stuffed grape leaves, they are a bit sour and, frankly, a bit flavorless to me. But I am probably eating crappy catered versions most of the time. The quinoa stuffed grape leaves I made this week were killer! Maybe it was the fire-roasted tomatoes, maybe the quinoa. Either way, the dolmas had a smokey sweet flavor and some seriously yummy texture.

For awhile now I have not allowed myself to buy hummus. I keep telling myself, "Girl you can make that, save your money and move on." Do I make it? No. Reminds me of my childhood when I wanted a dress. Mom would say, "I'll make you one just like it." Mmhmmm sure you will. She can make the dress, but the time was hard to find. Well, this week I did it. Tackled that little party favor we call hummus. So flippin' easy!! You can add roasted garlic, edamame, spinach, eggplant. You name it.

As for the bacon wrapped dates, I had these at a tapas joint in West Hollywood a few years ago and haven't stopped thinking about them. Bacon! Subtly sweet dates! Genius! This sucker is hard to mess up. Unless you start dancing in your living room to some George Michael and totally forget that you are baking them. The only real issue is the time that it takes to wrap these suckers.

We had a great time filming this episode and are starting to get our groove. Hope you enjoy!


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