Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Recovery Eggs


The roommate and I were in a rough way after this weekend after our debauchery on New Year's Eve. Sunday we decided to take down the beautiful tinsel tree and the rest of our holiday decor. There was no way that I was going to do anything not involving my butt and the couch without a bit of sustenance. So, I sauntered into the kitchen and surveyed the damage. We had some sad sad red chard that needed cooking, a wrinkled leek, a ripe tomato, two non-moldy slices of "smoked chicken" vegan slices, and 3 eggs. Yes my friends it was frightening.

Gave the leek a chop, picked through the chard for the leaves that seemed the least depressing and limp, and chopped up the vegan slices into tiny cubes. Gave the tomato a good chop with my new knife, a Christmas gift.

I then found some frozen artichoke hearts, cooked them up in the micro and chopped 'em up.

Sauteed the leeks in some olive oil and pepper. Then added the chard, artichokes, and "meat."

In a small bowl I whipped up the eggs with a tad of soy milk, season salt, and some shaved Parmesan. Threw in the egg mix and gave it a good scramble.

Ended up with a fantastic, fresh, and carb-free egg scramble.

I was ready to pull that tree down and de-holiday the tree without cryin' or drinkin'

Happy January Y'all!!


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