Thursday, February 18, 2010

Band Aid

My band-mate James needs a bit of band-aid (sorry had to go there) in the form of some healing soup. So, I'm spending the day doing my usual research. Trolling the depths of fellow food blogs for the perfect soup for poor Jimmy. He's a southern boy so I'm thinking something spicy and rich to kick that cough right out. Like a Tom Ka Gai with tangy sour broth and aromatic lemongrass stalks, but I'm trying to make more of my recipes accessible. After all, not everyone can just pop down to LAX-C the Asian mega-market in Chinatown. So, then I turned my attentions to other spiced soups, landing on tortilla. I had planned on making enchiladas for Lost on Tuesday but ended up making pesto tortellini. Bingo! My larder is jam packed with the perfect ingredients to make tortilla soup. I think I'll start with the onions, frozen roasted corn, black beans (might include the starchy juice from the can), the canned green chilies, and chopped zucchini. Here's the twist, I'm thinking I'll either add enchilada sauce or pick up some jarred mole, that is if the mole isn't packed with gnarly trans-fats and corn syrup.

While I'm at it, I'm thinking I'll whip up some johnny cakes, or corn cakes. I missed my dosing of pancakes on Shrove tuesday and need my fix. When I was a kid my mother would make us buttery corn pancakes that were so naturally sweet you didn't even need syrup, but that didn't stop us from drenching them in the 'syrup' my mother made by microwaving frozen blueberries with just a touch of maple syrup. The liquid from the soft blueberries mixing with the maple for a just-sweet-enough flavor.

Why isn't it 5 already so that I can get home and cooking?! I'll let y'all know how it goes.


Gary said...

You know I hate soup, right? And I made that chilled cucumber soup this week. I still can't figure out why I did it, but everyone I know is either eating soup or talking about making it. What is God trying to tell me. Just had to share. Oh, and also last night I watched four episodes of LOST Season 2 on DVD and spent the rest of the evening talking like Mr. Eko to my cat. "You do not need to worry, Z. I will push the button now."

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