Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegetarian Lunch Letdowns.

See this sandwich? It is yet another disappointing vegetarian option at a cafe. With floppy breaded offerings like this it is no wonder that people think vegetarian food is sad. I am sad right now. I paid $6.59 for this in Atwater Village at a new cafe. Flaccid bread, 'swiss' sliced cheese and sliced raw button mushrooms are the low points here. I will say this for the sandwich: the bread is 12 grain and there are roasted red peppers, my favorite. It did also come with mixed greens. Why couldn't they throw in some artichoke hearts? Grilled zucchini? Avocado? Come on work with me people! Well it is my own dang fault for not packing my own lunch today. Lesson learned. And, if anyone knows of good vegetarian options in Atwater let me know. So, far my lunches are all at Hugo's, Indochine and Thai Thai.

Over and out.


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