Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yellow Squash Soyriso Tacos.


These tacos are a quick and easy way to satisfy your taco craving. I was inspired by Hugo's Tacos' zucchini tacos here in Atwater Village. The yellow zucchini was a surprise find at my local Armenian market. While I was at the store an older gentleman with a thick accent asked me why I was shopping at an Armenian market. We talked about how cheap the vegetables are and all the great oils and such. Then he starts to tell me about how good the meat at Super King is and I stop him to say that I really don't eat meat. He chuckled and then gestured, "Yes I can see." Um did he just call me skinny? Well, that's how I am going to take it.

So, you fellow non-meat eating no dairy doing foks I give you...Taco Night!!

1 small onion chopped
1 yellow or green zucchini
6 or so inches of soyriso
smidge of favorite taco seasoning
corn tortillas
2 chopped fresh roma tomatoes
Avocado if you have it.
chipotle hot sauce

Saute the onions and yellow zucchini until onions are translucent. Add a bit of taco seasoning but not too much because the soyriso will add a ton of heat.

Then add the soyriso and cook until hot and the flavors all blend together.

Heat your tortillas up over a burner on your stove, using tongs of course. If you have an electric stove, wrap the tortillas up in tinfoil and heat up in the oven for a few minutes. I like my tortillas a bit burnt. My family has been cooking tortillas like this since I was a kid. I can only imagine what people would say these days about at 10 year old standing above an open flame flipping hot tortillas for an after school snack.

Once your tortillas are hot fill them up and top with your favorite goodies. I had a few tomatoes to kill and I saved half of the onion to use raw as a topping. Instead of sour cream I used a dollop of 2% greek yogurt to cool the heat from the soyriso.

There ya have it. This recipe made a big meal for one gal. It probably would make enough for two if you had a nice side salad or some fresh ears of corn to nibble on. Sigh....I love summer.


Jen said...

Have you explained this in an earlier post?
What is it, and where can I find it, taco girl.

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