Friday, April 30, 2010

Recycling Rant

Who of y'all wash your ziplock bags and reuse them?

If you don't it's a dang shame. Just think of the money you save! It takes just a couple of seconds to wash them along with your dishes. Our household hasn't purchased a new box in months. MONTHS!!

If you need a way to dry them one suggestion is the peg dish rack from IKEA, occasionally we hang them from our knife block, a clean plunger or even a wine bottle.

You get the picture. Re-using something is so much better than recycling. Recycling should be what you do once you can't possibly use it anymore. Another thing we reuse here is plastic hummus and yogurt containers. The hummus containers are the best as they are clear. Need to store half an onion? Hummus has it! I also use a dry erase marker to mark the date I stored that onion to save any olfactory surprises.


sangeeta said...

I do reuse them and the ones without zips long as they are clean they are good..n i let them dry the same way :)

Tv Food and Drink said...

Lovely. I do that exact thing with my ziploc bags though I admit it was more about saving money and trips to the store than recycling (please don't take away my gold star). I'm guilty of discaring the yogurt containers though. Too small and the lids are paper so they can't be re-used. Thanks for posting this. I for one, am always in need of friendly reminders.

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