Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fried Egg Bruchetta


As a dairy-free mostly vegetarian, brunch can be a hard menu to pick from. A few weeks ago I finally found a breakfast joint in my 'hood that had a flavorful dish I could and would eat. The award goes to The Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz for their Eggs Bruchetta. Now the only difference here is that mine has no toast, couldn't be bothered to put on boots to trudge across to the market. I have, however, made this with cornmeal pancakes with scrumptious results.

For the bruchetta, two servings worth, I chopped three organic Roma tomatoes and two cloves of garlic. I mixed it with about 1/4 cup of basil chiffonade, I use scissors for convenience.
Add a few dashes of salt and mix.

I like my eggs over-medium with just a touch of thick yolk to run out. Spoon the bruchetta over the eggs and season with a bit of fresh cracked pepper.

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